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  • I knew little about my family history. As in many families, it wasn't talked about and I somehow knew not to ask. It was therefore a challenging path, with exciting finds and a few details that may have been deliberately suppressed. My research has reignited my interest in history, especially as it relates to my ancestors' lives. I have gained much pleasure from meeting previously unknown cousins and sharing information and stories with them.

    I intend to add more to this site; in the meantime, these are my 8 great-grandparents, plus another branch of my family:



    • George Smith (born 1838 Ashton Under Lyme, Lancashire, England; died 1919 Brisbane, QLD), the son of Sydney Smith and Sarah Hudson

    • Sarah Jane Wilson (born 1858 Sydney, NSW; died 1944 Brisbane, QLD), the daughter of Edward Gribben Wilson and Elizabeth Barlow


    • John Croker (born 1817 Co Cork, Ireland; died 1902 Five Dock, NSW), the son of Walter Croker and Mary Graham

    • Jane McNeil (born c1830 Co Cavan, Ireland; died 1874 Five Dock, NSW), the daughter of John Archibald McNeil and Sarah Edmiston


    • George Scarlett (born 1841 Co Cavan, Ireland; died 1915 Marrickville, NSW), the son of Robert Scarlett and Isabella Elliott

    • Ann Devine (born 1844 Co Cavan, Ireland; died 1915 Marrickville, NSW), the daughter of Francis Devine and Margaret (Mary) Pearson



    • My great-great grandparents William Montague Murray (born 1821 Glasgow, Scotland; died 1880 Hay, NSW, Australia) and his wife Elizabeth McEwan (born 1822 Crieff, Scotland; died 1864 Beechworth, VIC, Australia). They migrated to New Zealand in 1839 and then to Australia in 1875. Their story is on the Murray page.


    • My great-great-great grandfather, William Barley/Barlow (born 1801 in Rendham, Suffolk, England; died 1873 at Kingswood, NSW) and his wife Mary Ann Manning (born 1802 at Kelsale, Suffolk, England; died 1890 at Penrith, NSW). William was a convict, transported to New South Wales for stealing wheat. His wife and children later joined him in New South Wales and they had more children. Their story is in the Barlow page. 


    John Lamb Coates